Get to know TripleL

What makes Triplel special?

Guiding individuals to greater self-determination and fulfillment by making learning an integral part of their lives.

That sounds like just another life-coach you might say. 

Well yes, and really no: Investing in your personal growth and targeting the so-called growth mindset is on vogue. Personal coaches trying to tell you what path to find your purpose in life. 

I am taking a bit of a different path: Applying the highly targeted and structured approach of business project management to learning lets us use learning to create the career and life we want. This really is a metaskill: Having setup your personal learning system, it will evolve over time, and be your partner on all your learning journeys to come. 

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Get to know the name and logo


Where do logo and name come from?​

With Name and logo I tried to create an unit representing product and personality alike interwoven by the theme of triple.


The name TripleL, as three-times the 12th letter of the Roman alphabet, abbreviates life-long-learning.

The logo of the three interwoven triangles represents the three core fields personal governance, efficiency and learning methods. The resulting ven diagram with overlapping surfaces resembles that they cannot be seen as separate parts but benefit greatly from being from the strength of another. On a personal note, the silhouette suggests a personal passion of mine: The mountains with their alpine lifestyle attached. 

The slogan learning as lifestyle is all about prioritizing and integrating learning fully in one's life. Don't leave learning to luck or mere coincidence but put it on top of your list every single day. 


Get to know your coach


WHo am I?

My name is Andreas THiedig, and with the triplel project, I prioritize in my life what's fun and important to me.

My passion for (language) learning:

Fluent in 5 languages, learning the sixth

Mountainbiking, Paragliding, Free-Diving,

Scuba Diving, Basketball, Yoga

My coach and consultant skills:

PMI and certified

7+ years experience in project management

Mentor at Nordakademie

My love for traveling and exploring:

I studied in USA, Argentina and Sweden, traveled 50 countries, lived accumulated 5 years abroad and am currently working on the 6th.