Coaching Packages

Kick-start your learning system with individualized coaching.

To start with we will be analyzing your current system, what are your goals. Building upon what you have already established and combine it with the impulses and experience from my workshops and coaching.

All coachings are available in English and German and are carried out via video call. 


The entry-level package for setting the foundation. 

Being the most basic version of the coaching towards life-long-learning the explorer packages aims at giving initial impulses and creating an overview of your current system whilst analyzing its potential.

2 x 60 min coaching

Access to workbook extrac, Limited Messenger support



The most chosen option for the serious learner.

You have got that one learning topic; language, skill, knowledge area, you have been wanting to tackle for months and years but never really gotten the grasp on?


The Learners Package is for you: building upon the Explorers analysis we are going to dive deep into optimizing your system whilst tackling that one learning project you have always been wanting to tackle. 

5 x 60 min coaching


Full access to workbook,Full messenger support



The full experience with the overall system makeover. 

Becoming a polymath just like Da Vinci or Franklin takes effort. This package is aiming at engraining learning and growth deep into your daily life.

In addition to the extended coaching time, this package requires full engagement by you, which makes it perfect for tackling during a vacation or low-season at work.  

10 x 60 min coaching

Full access to workbook,Full messenger support


Ask for a personalized coaching or

check out the workshops and keynotes below

Need more?


Getting the idea of life-long-learning across to a larger audience can be tough. Let me help you!

At the Expo Lingua in Berlin I explained to the live audience what a difference such a system can make and how one can get started right away.

Book together with the workshop to get special pricing. 


Low on budget and want to get a piece of the action as well?

Get access to the workbook for self-learning by dropping me a message. 


This is where TripleL started. Providing the participants with an overview of the concept of a learning system while applying the learned methods and concepts directly with a workbook. 

The TripleL Kick-Starter Workshop usually takes 5-7 hours and is designed for group sizes up to 20 people. 

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