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driver in career and life

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Life Long Learning


Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. - A. Einstein

With Einstein being of the great learner and polymath this certainly is a quote to live by. 

Life-Long-Learning is commonly understood as the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated" continuation of formal education. Everyone engages in life-long-learning to some extent, acquiring new cognitive and physical skills as time passes. 

It is the active engagement with the learning process and the prioritization of learning in your daily life, where life-long-learning comes into play.  

In an ever so rapidly changing world, engaging with our professional and private environment requires us to learn and improve continuously. 

Applying and using a new skill in daily life is fun and makes us proud. On the other hand, its long-term and tedious process needs persistence and motivation which makes it prone to procrastination. 

Daily tasks seem more important in the moment and give us the immediate gratification against which the cumbersome process of acquiring a new skill stands no evolutionary chance. 

If one chooses to prioritize learning in daily life, the short-term gratification might seem small, but in the long-run returns payback, no other investment can promise. 

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What is that ONe skill you always wanted to learN?

with our daily busyness and perceived obligations we end up doing a whole lot, but possibly not what matters most to us

Giving learning a structure in which it can strive, that is what TripleL set out to do. Inspired by the advanced learning field of language learning and the most successful productivity methods in business management, TripleL created a learning system for your life-long-learning. 

What is your one skill, you have been trying to learn for a long time?

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THe Learning System

Inspired by learning, project management, and life-coaching alike, the learning system by TripleL can coarsely be divided into three interwoven disciplines. 



The system providing structure and direction

Bringing you the best from life coaching, business project management and science makes Personal Governance the system providing structure and direction. to have all your resources pulling in the right direction. 


The fundament providing

productivity and freedom

Getting stuff done, while keeping motivation high, is the core of productivity. I used self-experiments, backed by science, to provide you with an ever-growing set of tools and levers to boost your personal learning productivity.

Integrate life-long-learning into your daily business

Get the edge in this ever-changing world and take the next step towards your personal learning system​. Where to go from here?

My recommendation: Start with the Wheel of learning, a 5 min assessment, designed to give you an idea of the state of your already existing learning system. 



Proven techniques from the area of language learning

With language learning being one of the most advanced learning fields, and myself being passionate language learners, I drew together the best techniques and methods and created for you a unique toolset adapted to the needs of life long learning.